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Challenger Camp Leaders

Jefferson Marshall


Camp 3C began as a Royal Ambassadors camp in 1947 when several RA groups from local churches came to Blanco Canyon to camp out and have fun. As the years progressed, Royal Ambassadors Camp continued to grow and build on the experience of men who had attended and planned the camp for many years. In 1980, they adopted a rotating leadership style of management and since has continued to be fresh and innovative. It was about this time that the camp became the pilot camp for all Royal Ambassadors camps in Texas. Upon the completion of our 2011 camp, camp planning leadership voted to move from a strictly Royal Ambassadors camp to a camp that included boys from all churches and ministries to better reach out to churches and offer new resources to those without dedicated boys' programs. In 2013 we launched the brand name Camp 3C. We extended our service area to better meet a need for modern children's ministries and to provide a place where boys and young men can be just that.

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